The Earthquake 7Dec2012


Just so everyone knows that subscribes, we are okay. The earthquake was a 7.3 with a 5 where we happen to be. The tsunami was on our coast and in our area, however it is tiny (especially compared to last year) and the only people affected were the ones right there on the coast, so they are the ones that needs to be in your thoughts.

I just wanted to let everyone know…no worries 😉

On that note, it was a funny sight. Thing 1 and Thing 2 were laughing hysterically in the corner of the couch (safe spot) while the Husband and I held on to furniture bolted into the wall. It took the two of us holding the the television, which is a monstrosity, and while doing that, I held the curio cabinet closed to not only keep everything in there, but to keep the cabinet attached to the wall. I looked like I was in a weird yoga pose and all we could do was hope the tree wouldn’t fall over. The tv was going a little crazy, hence both of us holding it. Meanwhile, we kept making the kiddos *stay in place*. They wanted to surf….uh, not the best time.

I normally have no issues with anything moving, but by the end, I wasn’t the only one feeling a little dizzy due to the rollers in the building on the ninth floor.


Beautiful morning here


The heat has finally left here! Since we have no ac, it was pretty brutal. The rain has been coming frequently and it is awesome.  The heat won’t be on for another couple of weeks, but after the summer the kids and I had, there will be no complaints!!